Got into one my moods again where I was needing a change, this usually ends up with me chopping off my hair or dying it. I played it safe this go around and went for a trim and BANGS! Yep, the bangs are back and I’m digging them. I love how they show off my eyebrows which reminds I really need to pluck those suckers.

Julian has been pretty attached to his momma as of late, which can make daycare drop-off or me leaving the house difficult, but makes me feel pretty loved at the same time. Monday evening I was able to sneak out of the house to go get my hair did, Nick took Julian outside ,or according to Julian, “I,I,I”, to distract as I slipped out the door. When Julian came back inside apparently he wasn’t too upset, but every 5 minutes or so he would run around the house yelling, “No Mama? No Mama?” and then he went into our bedroom and found some of my clothes and brought them to Nick. I’m guessing he wanted Nick to put on the clothes so he could at least pretend his Mama was in the house? Haha this whole story cracked me up, and reminded me of that show Dinosaurs, all you 20 somethings should know what I’m talking about, “Not the Mama! Not the Mama!”. Let’s just hope Julian doesn’t get a hold of a frying pan.


So I’ve been talking about starting a blog for quite awhile now, and gosh darnit it’s going to happen. I follow a few blogs and admire some amazing woman from afar, maybe we can be blog friends one day? I am a mom so I bet this blog will include many mommy stories and pictures of my adorable 1 and half year old son, Julian Conrad Dengler. It’s a good name, don’t you think? I thought so obviously. Anyways I hope not to just blabber on about the joys of mommyhood as there are other aspects to my life. And I think keeping a blog will help me prioritize those interests and hobbies as I start to build my  blog tags- I hope to not only see words like poop and awwww- if so I’ll know I’m in need of some life reorganization. So my first post is about starting a blog, is that okay? Do I need  funny story? Well, here’s one. So at work and I work at a software company so there’s always software lingo being thrown around, and well I may be immature but hey a girl has to keep herself entertained. So anyways, when ever a dev needs to get into this site to access a server, they send out a mass email letting folks know they need a connection (only so many can be logged in at a time) So when another person disconnects they’ll respond in a mass email stating, “Released one!” Oh gawd this gives me the giggles every time because of course to my 9 year old brain I think they are talking about letting a big one rip! So there you go, now you know what you’re in for if you continue to follow Allegations in the Schoolyard. Not sure about that name yet, it’s all a work in progress.